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Jumbo Ten Brink 'Zero tolerance policy'

Geïnstalleerd i-PRO beveiligingscamera's en een gezichtsherkenning server als onderdeel van hun betrokkenheid bij hun 'zero tolerance winkeldiefstal beleid.'
- Challenge To improve safety and security measures in Jumbo Ten Brink stores and reduce the amount of shoplifting taking place.

- Solution Jumbo Ten Brink Food installed 80 i-PRO cameras and a facial recognition system (connected only to the cameras of the store entrance) as the foundation of their security system.

Ten Brink Food is a multi franchiser at Jumbo Supermarkets, the second largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands*. Committed to providing a great store experience, Jumbo guarantees seven requirements it will fulfil on every visit, these include price matching and listening to customer feedback.  

Security is therefore an important consideration to Jumbo to ensure it can provide the best quality customer service. Jumbo introduced the face server into their store environment in March 2017 after discovering that almost 80% of shoplifting took place via large shopping bags. They have also installed 80 i-PRO cameras, which helped them to win the award for the ‘Safest store in the Netherlands.’

“In general, our new camera system has made us much more aware,” says Edwin Ten Brink, founder of Jumbo Ten Brink Food stores. We have noticed that the majority of thefts happen through hiding items in big shopping bags. Therefore, we ask at both the entrance of the store and at the cash registers for customers to present their bags opened and ready for inspection.”

“Safety within the store is important, we strive to give our customers an enjoyable shopping experience,” explains Edwin Ten Brink. “Additionally, as an employer we have a duty to provide our employees with a safe working environment. Of course, shop theft within supermarkets are inevitable however, we try to make our store as safe as possible.”

Previously recognised by the National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST) as the most accurate on the market, the i-PRO’s face server identifies faces that are ordinarily difficult to recognise with conventional techniques, such as those taken from an angle of up to 45 degrees to the left or right or 30 degrees up or down. It also maintains a 90% accuracy rate when detecting faces that are partially hidden by sunglasses or face masks.

If people are caught stealing, their image remains on the database and the moment that customer attempts to re-enter the store, an internal alarm is triggered, allowing Jumbo to take appropriate action. The face server provides a real-time processing capacity of up to 20 cameras per server and can execute high-speed searches of up to 30,000 registered reference faces.

Jumbo considered all aspects of their overall security when designing the store to ensure it was as safe as possible.  “We also have bio-metric finger scanning in place for employees, granting them access to specific rooms in the building, which is determined by their job role. From 2017 we have a zero-tolerance policy towards shoplifting which means that we always check camera images with a security officer,” explains Edwin.

* The i-PRO pilot described is an independent initiative of Ten Brink Food

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